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From Lakeshore Solutions, LLC

Phoenix Sylvestris – (common names: Indian Date and Wild Date Palms)

Phoenix Sylvestris palms trees are among the most spectacular ornamental palms and are used as landscaping centerpieces and entryways for some of the most luxurious homes, golf courses and resorts throughout the South. Due to their cold-heartiness and resistance to disease, the Phoenix Sylvestris is perfectly suited for Central Florida. They can easily tolerate temperatures from the low 20’s to the high teens, adapt well to all local soils and, once established, can tolerate low water conditions. Our trees range in size from 3’ of clear trunk with an overall height of 9 feet to a neck-wrenching 14’ of clear trunk with well over 23’ of overall height. Each tree has been meticulously cared for at our Groveland, FL farm making them perfectly acclimated to this region as far north as Gainesville and beyond. Find how easy and affordable it is to be the envy of the neighborhood by replacing a garden variety, tattered-looking Queen palm (especially the case following one of our recent below-freezing winters) with a majestic Phoenix Sylvestris. All of our trees offer farm-direct pricing and professional installation by crews who specialize in palm tree installation.

Butia Capitata (Common names: Pindo Palm and Jelly Palm)

Typically referred to as Pindo palms these beauties have stout, ornate trunks when trimmed, with feathery leaves that are light green in color and seem to cascade over the top of the tree and wrap back around toward the trunk. Pindos are one of the most cold-hearty palms and can be found as far north as Virginia. They are also slow growing which makes them perfect for landscape designs that are close to a house or other structure and prefer a degree of vertical symmetry. Pindos are also called Jelly palms due to the beautiful clusters of edible fruit that appear at the base of the fronds. There are several recipes for Pindo jelly available on the web. You can also eat the fruit right from the tree, but be ready to pucker. Our Pindos range in height from 3’ of clear trunk with an overall height (including the leaves) of 9’, to a hard-to-find 6’ of clear trunk with an overall height of 14’.

Phoenix Reclinata (Common name: Senegal Date Palm)

Clearly my favorite palm due to its dynamic nature and, at maturity, its overall girth. Reclinatas have multiple trunks with new trunks heading toward the sun every year. Depending on the amount of sunlight and how frequently they are fertilized these trees can make an amazing statement, dominating any landscape during the day, and night, with appropriate landscape lighting. Not as cold hearty as Sylvestris or Pindos these trees do suffer brown fronds when the temperatures reach the high teens at our Groveland farm, and will need radiant heat to ward off damage in areas further north. On average our Reclinatas have 6 trunks that range in height from an average of 3’of clear trunk to 8’of clear trunk.

Note: Clear trunk - A measurement from the soil line to a point in the canopy where the trunk caliper begins to taper abruptly. On many palms, this point will lie at the base of the petiole of the third or fourth youngest but fully expanded leaf. Source: US Forestry Service